Game On!


Get ready for Physical Therapy Day at the Capitol and start playing #ptagURit. It’s not too late … check out the Leader Board below! Winners will be announced and prizes awarded on February 24th at the closing of Physical Therapy Day at the Capitol. For more information about playing #ptagURit, check out the previous blog post.

#ptagURit Leader Board

Leader board - 1.27.2016

*1/21:  For 10 points, when is 2016 PT Day at the Capitol?

*1/22:  For 10 points, name one sponsor of HB 505.

*1/25:  For 20 points, name your State Senator. AND for 20 more points, name your State Rep.

*1/25:  For 40 Bonus Points, post a photo of your State Senator and your State Representative.

*1/26:  For 10 Points, Name the DPT programs in Georgia.

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It’s time to play ….


#ptagURit … Ready. Set. Go!

It’s time to play #ptagURit, PTAG’s new trivia game and scavenger hunt, leading up to 2016 Physical Therapy Day at the Georgia State Capitol on February 24th.

Join the fun …  #ptagURit.

What is it #ptagURit?

#ptagURit is a combination trivia game and scavenger hunt to kick-off 2016 Physical Therapy Day at the Capitol, which is February 24th.

How do I play?

Beginning Thursday, January 21st, trivia questions, scavenger hunt items and other “tasks” will be posted to the PTAG Facebook and PTAG Twitter pages. These same assignments will be sent out once per week – on Wednesdays – via eblast.

You simply post your answer, photo of your item or proof of the completed task to the PTAG Twitter page or PTAG Facebook page, using #ptagURit.

Each trivia question, scavenger hunt item or task will be worth a specified number of points.

Additionally, at the Physical Therapy Day at the Capitol morning breakfast on February 24th, a list of trivia questions, scavenger hunt items and tasks will be distributed which gives PTAG members the chance to win additional points.

Winners will be announced at the closing of Physical Therapy Day at the Capitol on February 24th.

If you aren’t already a member of PTAG’s social media network, join or follow at:



What if I am not on social media or don’t have time to check it every day?

If you aren’t a social media aficionado, you may also play via email or text. Simply text or email your answers.

Via text to:  404.216.4193 (Duffey Communications)

Via email to:

REMEMBER, no matter how you send in your response, include #ptagURit.

Twitter:           Use #ptagURit in your response

Facebook:        Use #ptagURit at the beginning of your response

Email:              Use #ptagURit in the subject line

Text:                Use #ptagURit in your text

How do you know who I am if I’m playing via text or if my Twitter handle doesn’t include my full name?

If your Twitter handle, Facebook page or email address is not obviously identifiable, let us know via email at Just send us your name, along with your Twitter handle, email address or other online identity so we can tally points accurately. If you text, make sure you include your name – or send the information to us via email.

How do I win – and what do I win?

The two PTAG members with the most points at the end of Physical Therapy Day at the Capitol on February 24th will receive a 30 oz. YETI® Rambler Tumbler and the second place winner will receive a 20 oz. YETI Rambler Tumbler.

Don’t know what a YETI is? It’s simply the coolest (and hottest) stainless steel tumbler – and one of the most sought-after holiday gifts. PTAG was on the leading edge of the trend and able to scavenge a few off the shelves before they were snagged by holiday shoppers.

How will I know if I am winning or if I need to step up my game?

Points will be tallied at the end of each week and posted to the #ptagURit Scorecard, which will be posted on Facebook Page and sent out via the Wednesday eblast.

Who do I contact if I have more questions?

Call or email Reynolds Broker:

404.446.1670 or

PTAG President Earns Spotlight at National Conference

FullSizeRender (13)

At the annual American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) Conference in Denver, PTAG’s own president, Dr. Joe Donnelly PT, DHS, OCS was presented with its State Legislative Leadership Award for his outstanding efforts during the 2015 Georgia General Assembly Session.

Joe, who also serves as a Mercer University clinical associate professor, successfully organized and led a grassroots initiative comprised of more than 2,300 PTAG members and students, a legislative lobbying team and patients to modernize and, ultimately, to improve access to physical therapy services for the citizens of Georgia.

Under Joe’s steadfast leadership, the legislative campaign culminated with the passage of House Bill 505 with overwhelming, bi-partisan support in both chambers of the Georgia General Assembly. This comprehensive legislation allows Georgians to access physical therapy treatments without the referral of a physician, which forgoes unnecessary barriers to physical therapy and reduces the costs in terms of requiring unnecessary office visits, extra out-of-pocket co-pays and treatment delays.

Joe’s commitment to advocate for the physical therapy profession and to improve the healthcare delivery system through positive, meaningful legislative action sets a truly inspiring example for his peers, students and patients.

We are proud to congratulate and recognize our president, Joe, for this wonderful achievement.