#ptagURit Week 2 Leader Board

There is still time to play #ptagURit up until PT Day at the Capitol on Feb. 7, 2017!

Check out the leader board below:


*1/18 – For 50 points: name 3 PTA programs in the great state of Georgia

*1/19 – For 30 points: what year did Georgia become a state?

*1/20 – For 10 points, name something that physical therapy can prevent.

*1/21 – For 25 points: name a DPT program in Georgia.

*1/22 – For 75 points: name some of the board-approved clinical specialties in physical therapy.

*1/23 – For 25 points: comment the name of Georgia’s official song.

*1/24 – For 50 points: the statue on top of Georgia’s capitol is often called Miss __________.


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