Move Better, Feel Better, Live Better. How Physical Therapy, Mobility, Motion and Management can Improve Quality of Life

Staying fit and active is critical to achieving long-term health benefits. And while physical therapists are commonly sought after to treat athletic injuries and assist patients recovering from surgery, the techniques and exercise tools they provide can also help almost everyone improve their quality of life.

Simple daily activities such as cleaning up around the house or going for a run may put you at risk for injury. Abnormal body movements and awkward postures can cause stress on joints and strain important muscles, leading to long-term problems and discomfort.

Physical therapists provide the information and resources that can counteract incorrect patterns of movement and muscle imbalances that can cause pain and alter the way you move.

Regular physical therapy (PT) sessions have also been shown to reduce the risk of injury in everyday activities or sports.

According to a study in the American Journal of Sports Medicine of 1,435 NCAA Division 1 female soccer players, those who participated in physical therapy had a 41 percent lower rate of ACL injuries than those who only did regular warm-ups.

Whether you are a professional athlete or simply looking to maximize mobility – PT can help you reach your goals through individual evaluation, personalized plans, and exercises that help build strength, improve balance and restore flexibility – reducing the risk of injury and improving overall health.

Physical therapy can also assist with reduction and management of pain and discomfort that limits movement and serves as an effective tool against a variety of health issues, including: long-term disabilities, fall prevention, stroke recovery, diabetes and weight-loss.

The time for understanding that PT is no longer just a resource reserved for professional athletes or those recovering from injury is now. The health-preserving techniques delivered by physical therapists across Georgia provide the tools needed to improve the quality of life for everyone. Simply put, PT helps you move better, feel better and live better.


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