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PT From Head to Toe – How PT Helps Keep Your Heart Healthy

Heart disease is the leading cause of death for men and women, according to the CDC. There are many risk factors that can increase your risk for heart disease, and while some – like family history – are out of your control, the choice to get up and get moving is within your control, and is an imperative step in reducing your risk for heart disease.

Luckily, for the millions of Americans who have developed heart disease in one form or another, a specialized form of physical therapy exists to get you moving now, regardless of your current mobility – acute care.

We sat down with Stephen Ramsey PT, DPT (Cardiovascular/Pulmonary PT Resident), Tiffany Haney PT, MSPT (Cardiovascular/Pulmonary PT Resident) and Erica Colclough PT, MSPT Clinical Coordinator of physical therapy for the ICU Piedmont Hospital (Cardiovascular/Pulmonary resident graduate) to discuss the role of physical therapy in a cardiac rehabilitation program. According to these PTs, whether the patient is “fixed,” “unfixed,” “stable” or “unstable,” – it all comes down to movement. Early mobilization is key.

Recent advances in technology has made early mobilization possible – there are now various methods to support just about every organ so that the intubated patient who – two years ago – may have been sequestered to “let them rest,” are now up and moving one to two days post-surgery. These support methods allow for patients to move leaps and bounds with simple steps.

But what about the patients who are more interested in preventative care – their heart disease has not progressed to necessitating surgery, but still needs to be addressed – what about them?

According to Erica, these patients can also hugely benefit from PT. By gradually increasing mobility, focusing on breathing and diet, heart disease is treatable.

Before you take that first step, do some research so that you’re comfortable with your PT. At your first appointment, ask about their experience with patients like you. Have they found success? To what extent? What are some of the outcomes that have been achieved with their programs? It’s also important to verify that the office has safety procedures in place in the event of a medical emergency. After all, you’re there for a reason, right?

Whether you’re just getting started with PT, or you’re a frequent flier, these PTs agree that one of the key ingredients in a successful outcome (other than a healthy diet), is that you “buy in” to the plan. Your PT has taken careful thought and consideration into designing a treatment plan catered to your specific needs. They have studied your history, discussed your prognosis at length with your doctor and bounced strategies and ideas off co-workers – all with the goal of providing you with the hope of a healthy future.

Click HERE to find a PT in your area, so you can get out and move better, feel better and live better.


“Move Better. Feel Better. Live Better.” Unveiled under the Gold Dome

 Physical Therapy Association of Georgia’s Campaign to Keep Georgians Moving for a Healthier Life will take Center Stage at the PT Day at the Georgia State Capitol on Feb. 24 

The Physical Therapy Association of Georgia (PTAG) is unveiling PT Move Better, Feel Better, Live Better, an educational campaign designed to inform consumers of the benefits of physical therapy (PT) at the Georgia State Capitol on Wednesday, Feb. 24.

“What better time than PT Day at the Capitol to talk about keeping Georgians moving?” says Dr. Joe Donnelly, PT, DHS, OCS and president of PTAG. “PT Move Better. Feel Better. Live Better. is PTAG’s initiative to help all Georgians learn about how physical therapy, which is the treatment of movement systems, can help improve mobility, health, fitness and wellness – from head to toe and throughout one’s life.”

PT – often perceived as an injury rehabilitation resource – defines a broad category of treatments that can also be sought for preventative measures. Whether it’s helping adults find the right types of exercises for healthy aging or preventing sports-related knee injuries, there are many types of PT accessible to Georgians.

For example, PT has been proven to help those affected with age-related illnesses such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease overcome pain, prevent a decline in and maintain mobility, and preserve their independence. And it doesn’t end there.

Nearly 30 million children and adults are living with diabetes, according to the Center for Disease Control and more than 85 million people have “pre-diabetes,” a condition in which blood sugar (glucose) levels are abnormal but are not yet considered diabetic.

For those already diagnosed with diabetes, physical activity also can reduce the need for medications, particularly for those with pre-diabetes. Physical therapists can develop individualized exercise programs with the best movements suited for the consumer after performing an extensive evaluation.

“It is estimated more than 496,000 Georgians require the care of a physical therapist each year,” says Donnelly. “PT Move Better, Feel Better, Live Better’s goal is to ensure those living in Georgia are not only aware of the numerous benefits of PT, but understand how to find physical therapists who are best suited to support their health and wellness needs.” 

“The messages to the people of Georgia are simple: When you move better, you feel better and, in turn, you live better,” says Donnelly. “No matter a person’s age or area of the body, we are trained in both injury prevention and treatment, meaning the value of physical therapy is always present. And physical therapists work collaboratively with other healthcare professionals to ensure patients’ treatment plans are in-line with their needs.”

In Georgia, consumers can see a physical therapist as an entry point into the healthcare system, allowing even easier access to the many benefits of physical therapy. For additional information or to find a PT, please visit

For more information about PT Move Better, Feel Better, Live Better – Physical Therapy (PT) keeps Georgians moving for a healthier life, visit or

About the Physical Therapy Association of Georgia

The Physical Therapy Association of Georgia (PTAG) is the membership organization for the profession of physical therapy in Georgia and a component of the American Physical Therapy Association. PTAG has approximately 2,300 members comprised of PT’s, PTA’s and Students. The mission of PTAG is to represent, promote and serve the profession of physical therapy.

About PT Move Better, Feel Better, Live Better

PT Move Better, Feel Better, Live Better is a consumer education campaign sponsored by the Physical Therapy Association of Georgia (PTAG). The campaign’s aim is to inform consumers of the many aspects and practices of physical therapy (PT), including how PT keeps Georgians moving for a healthier life.

About Physical Therapy Day at the Capitol

Physical Therapy Day at the Capitol will take place from 7:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 24 and invites elected officials, legislators and interested participants to meet with physical therapists, physical therapist assistants and students to discuss the benefits of physical therapy services. Those in attendance can participate in a full agenda of activities. The event is free and open to both PTAG members and non-members.

PT Day at the Capitol Agenda & Week 4 #ptagURit Leaderboard

Check out the agenda for Physical Therapy Day at the Capitol & Leaderboard Below: 

February 24, 2016, 7:30 am – 2:00 pm

7:30 am

  • Registration & Hot Breakfast Opens, Floyd Room
  • 20th floor of the Sloppy Floyd Building, 200 Piedmont Avenue Atlanta, Georgia 30334

 7:45 am

  • Program Begins
  • Welcome & Introduction
  • Presentation of Legislator Awards

8:30 am

  • Overview of Lobby Day Activities
  • PTAG President Presentation and Q&A
  • #ptagURit Assignments

9:30 am

  • Members and attendees walk to the State Capitol

10:00 am

  • Group Photo with Governor Nathan Deal on the South Wing Steps
  • Members must be present by 9:45 am for photo

10:00 am – 2:00 pm

  • PT Educational/Fitness stations open to visitors in Capitol Rotunda
  • Members and attendees visit with Georgia legislators – and participate in group photo-opportunities with the Governor and other elected officials – including members of the Georgia General Assembly

2:00 pm

  • #ptagURit winners announced and prizes awarded
  • Adjourn!

2.17.2016 Scorecard

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#ptagURit Leader Board: Week 3 

2.10.2016 Scorecard - Corrected

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#ptagURit Leader Board 

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