Getting Fit, Training but Without the Pain

ImageThe year’s end is coming up quickly, and people are looking toward the New Year with changes they want to make and goals they want to achieve.

The most common resolution in 2012 was to lose weight and exercise, but beginning a workout regimen without proper form and direction can lead to problems – especially if the exercise plan is too advanced for the person’s current physical state.

Physical therapy can help. By working with a PT to set an achievable goal, you can prevent injury while enhancing the physical health and functional abilities of the body. Physical therapists can identify and develop exercise plans tailored to an individual, while providing instruction on proper form—incorporating numerous components that are typically ignored when individuals simply “go to the gym.”

Physical therapy provides a practical solution to getting fit without the pain, while providing a workout that can enhance all components of being fit.


Flexibility training is one of the most important elements to a workout routine. Flexibility is important to prevent injury and muscle strains in tendons and to joints, and to improve range of motion. Flexibility exercises utilizing resistance bands and other equipment will increase range of motion, thereby allowing access to new muscle areas.

Strength Training

Physical therapy provides a smart approach to strength training by encouraging a variety of synergistic exercises rather than the “one-machine-fits-all method.” By focusing on exercises that target muscles across a wide range of motion, PTs can provide direction in achieving strength goals through scientific and calculated planning.

Cardio and Endurance

Developing an appropriate physical therapy routine will allow you to move from exercise to exercise efficiently without becoming overly exhausted. This allows an individual to benefit from a light cardio workout simultaneously. Incorporating a cardio component will gradually increase endurance, allowing more stringent exercise to be undertaken.

Balance and Stability

Physical therapy exercises can enhance core muscle groups, an important component to being fit and preventing future injury. Balance is not achieved by repetitive training on machines, but instead through a series of exercises that increase functionality of complementing muscles.

Be smart in your approach to any New Year fitness plan, and utilizing the benefits that a physical therapist can help guide you in achieving your goals.


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