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Across the Board: The Benefits of Attending a PTAG Conference

LogosConferences play an important role in connecting professionals – providing a channel for the exchange of ideas, experiences and knowledge among like-minded individuals.

When deciding whether to attend a conference, cost, travel and time should be considered, along with whether it could directly benefit your individual goals and development – both personal and professional.

The Physical Therapy Association of Georgia (PTAG) holds two conferences annually – during the spring and fall seasons – for both members and non-members of the physical therapy community. The conferences aim to provide a low cost, but highly efficient way to advance your career.

By attending our annual conferences, PTs can take advantage of several opportunities and a number of benefits, including:

  • Networking: Conferences provide an invaluable opportunity to grow your network. You can meet face-to-face with colleagues and fellow PTs from around Georgia, opening the door to new partnerships, business endeavors, possible referrals and job prospects.
  • Education: Gain access to educational lectures and continuing education seminars that can be used toward license renewal. Take advantage of the opportunity to speak with industry experts as well as satisfy ethics and GA Jurisprudence requirements.
  • Improve Business: Staying current on the latest industry advancements and technology can be difficult. PTAG conferences give you an opportunity to learn new practices, techniques and therapy strategies that can be applied to your practice, as well as give insight into how others have dealt with industry challenges.
  • Involvement: PTAG thrives on the commitment and dedication of its members. Attend a conference to stay in tune with issues facing the PT profession on local, state and federal levels. Identify opportunities to get involved and ways in which PTAG can help advance your business. 

Regardless of your position within PTAG, by attending these conferences, your experience, success and knowledge can help grow your organization and the PT profession.

Interested in attending one of our conferences? Join us this Oct. 18-20 at Emory University in Atlanta, Ga., for the PTAG 2013 Fall Conference & Annual Meeting. Click here for additional information.


The Pressures of Excessive Co-Pays

Physical therapists are specialists – according to many Georgia insurance policies, that is. While physical therapists undergo extensive education, training and may be considered specialists in their profession, the “specialist” title – generally reserved for physicians such as neurologists and cardiologists – comes with the burden of high co-pays for consumers actively seeking treatment.